Nézzétek már, milyen aprócska ez a zsidó!

Este vettem észre, hogy nyílt egy kis kiállítás Európa legnagyobb és szerintem egyik legszebb – miszerint a Dohány utcai – zsinagógája előtt, és máris tudtam, hogy meg kell néznem nekem. Minimum azért, mert leleplezték a megnyitón Kolodko Mihály nevű földim Houdinijét is. » 4/14/15 9:22am 4/14/15 9:22am

How an Apocalyptic Scifi Novel Imagined the Future 122 Years Ago

La Fin du Monde (The End of the World), is a 19th century science fiction novel about a comet colliding with the Earth, followed by several million years leading up to the gradual death of the planet. The book was written by French astronomer and author Camille Flammarion, first published in 1893, and adapted into… » 4/13/15 4:02pm 4/13/15 4:02pm

Chainsaw ice skating looks both fun and insanely dangerous

When I saw this video of Swedish skier Erik Sunnerheim zooming over the ice while carving with a chainsaw two thoughts popped into my mind: At first I though it was super fun and wanted to try it right away but then, all the things that could go wrong started to pile up in my brain taking the shape of a giant nope. » 3/30/15 5:46pm 3/30/15 5:46pm

The mesmerizing ballet of container ships moving around a shipping dock

What's great about this time lapse that shows a container ship moving around a dock is that it's not doing anything special and yet, the carefully orchestrated ballet of dropping off shipping containers is almost hypnotizing to watch. You get to follow the ship from dock to dock and see other boats move around it too. » 3/27/15 6:32am 3/27/15 6:32am

Flat Out At White Hell, The Northernmost Car Testing Center In The World

Nokian Tyres introduced winter tires in 1934 in Finland, and eighty years later – when they aren't chasing ice speed records on frozen lakes – they are still busy testing tires flat out while looking for reindeer on the biggest and coldest playground you've ever seen. Welcome to White Hell. » 3/18/15 7:08am 3/18/15 7:08am